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Marble Countertops

Carrera Marble Countertops
white marble vanity
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Fantasy brown vanity
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Marble one of the most elegant and luxurious of stones.

Marble has a natural association with luxury and tradition because of its raw beauty and delicate veining.  One can immediately notice an air of elegance and a legacy of success when walking into a kitchen or bathroom clad in beautiful, breathtaking, white marble. Marble has been used for thousands of years and has been used as the premier building material for many of the most beautiful projects throughout history, from Ancient Greek statues to Renaissance Cathedrals. It is quarried from all over the world and is available in an unrivaled selection of varying colors and patterns.

 Area of Application:

Softer and more porous than granite, many use marble for less-trafficked, formal areas like bathrooms and vanities. It can also often used for kitchen countertops, fireplace surrounds, shower walls, tub decks, and floors.


Composed mostly of a crystalline form of calcium carbonate, marble starts out as sediment on the ocean floor.  With pressure and time it becomes sedimentary rock.

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Excellent and Beautiful work!! I highly recommend Mt Juliet Granite and Tile!! I love my newly renovated kitchen!!

Sabrina Jones

Regi Mobley

       Truly a great experience with this company. Was very prompt and at a very reasonable price. They are very professional and have a high quality of work. I would recommend them for all your tile and granite needs.

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Marble Countertops
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