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Travertine Tile & Countertops

       We contacted Mt Juliet Granite  because the other larger companies were going to take weeks to get out here. We needed the job done fast with quality results. They were out within a week and had us taken care of.

Jessica Stites

Regi Mobley

       Truly a great experience with this company. Was very prompt and at a very reasonable price. They are very professional and have a high quality of work. I would recommend them for all your tile and granite needs.

Natural Rolling Waves of Travertine

Travertine has a similar mineral composition to marble and limestone. The unique swirls of color and rolling wave pattern make it a popular choice. Travertine has a palette of earthy colors consisting of creams, golds, grays, and browns that coordinate easily with almost any design for bathroom vanities. 

Area of Applications:

Vanities, tile floors, tile backsplashes


The small cavities which are inherent in every travertine were created when natural gases escaped through the stone; these holes don't mean that travertine is not a durable material - just look at the coliseum in Rome. Travertine forms in areas where water is present during their creation such as near hot springs. One of the characteristics which make travertine unique is that the same block of stone may be cut perpendicular to the bedding plain, exposing a linear pattern known as vein cut; or across the surface, known as cross cut, which reveals cloud-like patterns in the stone.

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