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Onyx Countertops
honey onyx backlit kitchen
backlit onyx vanity bathroom
onyx stairs
onyx bathroom vanity
honey onyx
backlit- onyx reception desk
backlit honey onyx bar luxurious countertops
onyx-decorative lobby backlit hotel
onyx mini bar stoneworks
onyx fireplace surround
Onyx coffee table
onyx hotel bar
onyx vanity
onyx backlit vanity
onyx wall
onyx island countertop
onyx counter
backlit onyx vanity
backlit onyx bar
backlit onyx bar
Onyx honey backlit vanity
onyx counters backlighting
onyx isla
backlit-onyx-lobby wall
backlit onyx staircase
onyx backlit hotel bar
onyx bar backlit hotel
backlit onyx kitchen countertop

Exotic Brilliance of Onyx

Onyx is one of the more exotic natural stones on the market. It is in a tier of its own and is most notably known for its translucency and gem-like properties. Onyx's contains colors ranging from white, to honey colored neutrals, to stunning blues, greens, red and gold. Often it can be found with striking bands of many colors, heavy veining, swirls, and patterns. Backlighting (lights behind/underneath) is often used to make it glow and illuminate to accentuate its brilliant colors and making it the center of attention. 


Area of Applications:

Accent walls, kitchen countertops, islands, backsplashes, bars, vanities, and stairs



Formed as a sedimentary stone in caves when stalactites and stalagmites drip and grow together. 

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Martin and his team did an excellent job of fabricating and installing my kitchen! I just visited in person and met Martin the owner of the shop, we set a day to measure and pick out the granite, and within 3 days he had it fabricated and installed! Fast and great quality at affordable price. 

Marie Fam

Regi Mobley

       Truly a great experience with this company. Was very prompt and at a very reasonable price. They are very professional and have a high quality of work. I would recommend them for all your tile and granite needs.

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Onyx Countertops
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